Global Youth Studies

Kontopodis, M. (2016). Youth “in Movement” in Contemporary Brazil: Sharing Intense Moments with José, Carlos, Raquel, and Werá Mirim / open access — from the book:peter_lang_cover

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Portuguese version: A Juventude em Movimento no Brasil Contemporâneo, ou: Compartilhando Alguns Momentos Intensos com José, Carlos, Raquel e Werá Mirim. In: R. Ribes, A. E. Lopes & N. Santos (Eds) Infância, Juventude e Educação: Práticas e Pesquisas em Diálogo (Childhood, Youth and Education: Practices and Research Projects in Dialogue) (pp. 171-185). Rio de Janeiro: NAU.

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Children, Culture and Emerging Educational Challenges

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Preschool in 3 cultures revisited – book and DVD review:

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PhD Dissertation 
Fabricating Human Development: The Dynamics of ‘Ordering’ and ‘Othering’ in an Experimental Secondary School. Faculty of Education & Psychology, Free University of Berlin, 2003-2007 (Honor: Magna Cum Laude).

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