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Kontopodis, Michalis & Matera Vincenzo (Guest Eds) Doing Memory, Doing Identity: Politics of the Everyday in Contemporary Global Communities. Outlines: Critical Practice Studies, Vol. 1, August, 2010, open access!

Cover of Outlines: Critical Practice Studies, Special Issue

Summary: The special issue Doing Memory, Doing Identity: Politics of the Everyday in Contemporary Global Communities draws on anthropological theory, performance studies, feminism, post-colonial studies, and other theoretical traditions for an insightful examination of the everyday practices of doing memory. A series of theoretical pieces as well as ethnographies from locations as diverse as Italy, Norway, France, Brazil and China investigate the multiple links between individual and collective pasts, futures and identities, especially focussing on emotions, embodiment, the senses, difference and power relations. Taking a critical stance in regard to current social-scientific and socio-political debates, this special issue reflects on the political and ethical aspects of day-to-day memory practices and examines issues related to identity, imagination and otherness.

Kontopodis M. & Kozin A. (Guest Eds). Materializing Times: From Memory to Imagination. Memory Studies, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2009.

Review Quote: What this collection does so well is invite us to think about the phenomenology of forgetting/ remembering both the material and the semiotic in the same movement, and this is where the hyphenation comes in. […] The authors of this special issue have not just demonstrated a neat trick (that one can associate time, memory and materiality in interesting ways) – they have shown that only an integrated analysis will enable us to work with our own pasts and futures, lacunae and hyperrealities in a politically and culturally rich way. GEOFFREY C. BOWKER, Santa Clara University/ University of Pittsburgh, USA

For internal use with password the whole special issue is here: KontopodisKozinMemSt2009

Articles, Editorials & Book Chapters

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