Doctoral Supervision

Dr Michalis Kontopodis welcomes potential PhD students interested in youth studies, critical psychology, global education and/or media research to contact him and discuss their ideas and research proposals. His approach to doctoral supervision is described below:

  1. Self-audit: International PhD Student Supervision & Graduate School Organisation (webpage)
  2. Doctoral Supervision & Community Engagement in a Globalised World (webpage)
  3. Reflective Reading Log (pdf file to open/ download: HERE)
  4. PowerPoint Presentation: Globalisation & Doctoral Supervision in Higher Education: International Students’ Experience & Global Citizenship (pptx file to download: HERE/ see pdf file as well)

Brief Summary: 

While Higher Education becomes more and more globalised and performance-oriented, the question remains open how to best supervise international PhD students. Departing from the conceptual model for enhancing the international student experience with community engagement proposed by Fleischman et al. (2010), I am elaborating on international PhD students’ experience, community engagement and global citizenship in my paper (1) and powerpoint presentation (4) above. Furthermore, I reflect on my personal experience (2) as well as elaborate on issues concerning different supervision styles, widening participation for PhD students and associated time pressures in my Reflective Reading Log (3) for the Staff and Educational Development Association Professional Development Framework for PhD Supervisors. 


Very helpful questionnaire for establishing a good doctoral supervision relationship from the beginning by Dr. Anne Lee et. al. to download HERE.