Book: Children, Development & Education

Kontopodis, Michalis, Wulf, Christoph & Fichtner, Bernd (Eds.) (2011) Children, Development and Education: Cultural, Historical, Anthropological Perspectives. New York: Springer.


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Detailed review by Stéphanie Breux (2015) in Outlines: Critical Practice Studies16(1) available HERE.

Quote: The idea of a child as the (co)creator of her own person, personality, identity, point of view, individuality and uniqueness seems very important and, in my opinion, deserves to be underlined as a one of the main, important contributions Kontopodis, Wulf and Fichtner’s edited book brings to the study of children’s development”.

Further Review Quotes:
This book presents interesting original research with a strong cultural dimension. It provides material for important theoretical innovations regarding the notions of practice, performativity, or subjectivity. It shows the relevance of historical approaches to the understanding of human cultural development and cultural practices, that may help students and researchers of education and psychology better understand their own constructed actuality. BERT VAN OERS, Professor, VU University Amsterdam

The strongest aspect of “Culture, Development and Education” is its interdisciplinary character. The breadth of approaches, cutting across evolution, ontogenesis, and cultural history, is impressive and innovative, and makes an original and timely contribution to the study of human development. IGOR ARIEVITCH, Professor, The City University of New York

This excellent book brings to discussion, in an innovative way, issues of culture, childhood and development that are of great interest for the international audience since it opens new paths to look at cultural-historical research, educational science, developmental psychology and childhood research. MARIA CECÍLIA CAMARGO MAGALHÃES, Professor, Catholic University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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