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Book Series: 

(Post-) Critical Global Studies (in Spanish, Portuguese & English)

This book series focuses on critical and post-critical research in the broader area of social sciences. It aims to establish a vivid movement of ideas between Latin America and the rest of the world on contemporary social issues as to explore the possibilities for local and global social change. Furthermore, we aim to explore, situate and possibly deconstruct the systems of reason that govern social problems and global change – including deconstructing Euro-American critical paradigms. The series explores innovative theoretical and methodological approaches to emerging phenomena in fields such as: urban, countryside and indigenous studies; human rights; social policy and social movements; intersectionality; media and technology; education; community organization; political economy; ecology; migration and globalization. It will discuss issues such as the geopolitics of knowledge, Paulo Freire’s legacy and post-Freirean approaches, feminisms in Latin America and other areas of the majority world, anthropologies of the state and civil society, de-/post-colonial perspectives among others.

Recent Books & Edited Volumes: 

Kontopodis, M.; Varvantakis, C. & Wulf, C. (Eds.) (2019). Global Youth in Digital Trajectories. London: Routledge.


Kontopodis, M.; Magalhães, M.C. & Coracini, M.J. (Eds.) (2016). Facing Poverty and Marginalization: 50 Years of Critical Research in Brazil. Bern, Oxford & New York: Peter Lang.

Other Book Publications: 

Kontopodis, M. (2014) Neoliberalism, Pedagogy and Human Development: Exploring Time, Mediation and Collectivity in Contemporary Schools. London & New York: Routledge.springer_cover

Kontopodis, M.; Wulf, C. & Fichtner, B. (Eds) (2011). Children, Development and Education: Cultural, Historical, Anthropological Perspectives. New York: Springer. (261 pages, ISBN: 978-94-007-0242-4)

Kontopodis M.; Niewöhner, J. & Beck, S. (Guest Eds) (2011). Investigating Emerging Biomedical Practices: Zones of Awkward Engagement on Different Scales. Science, Technology & Human Values, 36(5) (ImpacUMS1599.inddt Factor: 2.333).

OPEN ACCESS: Kontopodis, M. & Niewöhner, J. (Eds) (2010). Das Selbst als Netzwerk: Zum Einsatz von Körpern und Dingen im Alltag (The Self as Network: On the Employment of Bodies and Things in the Everyday). Bielefeld: transcript (226 pages, ISBN: 978-3-8376-1599-9) Open access here: through

OPEN ACCESS: Kontopodis, M. & Matera V. (Guest Eds) (2010). Doing Memory, Doing Identity: Politics of the Everyday in Contemporary Global Communities. Outlines: Critical Practice Studies, 16(1),

OPEN ACCESS: Kontopodis, M. (Ed) (2009). Culture & Emerging Educational Challenges: A dialogue with Brazil. Berlin: Lehmanns Media.