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Digital Futures & Human Development After COVID-19: Invited Talk in Summer University “Critical Psychology 2021”

According to a recent study, at least 17 million people will need to altogether change their profession in the US, due to the automation and digitalisation of production and consumption by 2030 (which is a 25% higher estimation than before the COVID-19 pandemic). … Continue reading

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3 Years of Collective Research Endeavour at ICY: Inclusion, Childhood & Youth Research Centre, University of Leeds

[posted originally with minor amendments here] Dear colleagues, dear postgraduate researchers, As we are approaching the summer break, and given that this has been a particularly challenging year for all of us, I would like to thank you all for … Continue reading

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The Fluid Classroom: New Media in Education

Increasing numbers of children and young people from around the world are engaging in speedy communication which takes place through interactive, fast and mobile media that enable the distributed production and peer-to-peer circulation of advanced audio-visual designs and bits of … Continue reading

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“Those in power don’t listen”: Review of “Youth Participation in Democratic Life: Stories of Hope and Disillusion” by Bart Cammaerts, Michael Bruter, Shakuntala Banaji, Sarah Harrison & Nick Anstead (PalgraveMacMillan)

By Michalis Kontopodis & Myrto Nikolopoulou Young people around the world have recently been engaging with different modes of political participation, including significant protests & social movements, such as: “XR”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Kill the Bill”, etc. How do we … Continue reading

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New book: Revisiting Vygotsky for Social Change

Very pleased to announce the publication of the second volume in our Peter Lang book series “(Post-)Critical Global Studies“: Revisiting Vygotsky for Social Change. This book edited by Adolfo Tanzi Neto, Fernanda Liberali & Manolis Dafermos, brings together researchers from … Continue reading

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Cultural-historical Activity Theory Travels to Greece

How have socio-cultural, cultural-historical and activity approaches to education and psychology traveled to Greece over the last three decades? It has been a pleasure for me to collaborate with M. Dafermos and A. Chronaki and explore how these approaches have … Continue reading

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Now published as paperback: Global Youth in Digital Trajectories

“This is a fascinating and thought provoking volume on youth engagement with digital technology and one that is genuinely transnational and transdisciplinary in flavour. Studies of gaming, video production and social media show how new technologies are woven into the … Continue reading

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Developmental Psychology: History, Critique & Future Perspectives by M.K. & S. Rani (University of Leeds)

The Modern Origins of Developmental Psychology Numerous ancient religious and philosophical texts refer to children, upbringing and education. The term psychological development, however, has not been used in its contemporary meaning until the early modernity. Psychological development implies a normative … Continue reading

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Mapping Global Childhood & Youth Futures

Special thanks to everybody who attended my inaugural lecture “Mapping Global Childhood & Youth Futures” at the School of Education, University of Leeds yesterday. I feel very thankful to family, friends & colleagues from around the world for their kind support … Continue reading

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De-centring the Psychology Curriculum: Diversity, Social Justice & Psychological Knowledge

The psychology curriculum has close ties to the histories and cultural traditions of industrialised societies’ white middle-class populations, so it is unclear how it may relate to the values and interests of students from a variety of ethnic, racial and … Continue reading

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