Experiencing Developmental Crises in Critical Times/ Sheffield EdD Residential Weekend

Most theories of psychological development refer to a crisis that takes place in adolescence due to physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes. Little research has however explored how young people experience this psychological crisis in the context of today’s broader financial, geopolitical and ecological crises. While a crisis indicates a period of intense difficulty, it can also be understood as the turning point when a difficult or important decision must be made – which involves the possibility for the emergence of radical novelty. My lecture at the EdD Residential Weekend at the University of Sheffield (17-18 February, 2017) drew on post-vygotskian and post-structuralist grounds as to

EdD Sheffield 2017

Sheffield EdD Residential Weekend, 2017

explore the challenges and possibilities regarding youth development in this frame. I proposed a differentiation between two modes of human development: development of concrete skills (potential development) and development of new societal relations (virtual development, which is at the same time individual and collective). I also reflected on the significance of this differentiation by exploring research materials from my recent projects with disenfranchised youth in Greece, Germany, US and Brazil. Last but not least, I expanded on the notion of virtual development to consider recent technological developments that enable the multimodal communication and transnational collaboration among young people from diverse linguistic and geographical contexts. The powerpoint presentation is available HERE

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