Exploring Youth in Contemporary Brazil at BERA Annual Conference 2016, Leeds, 15 Sept 9.00-11.00, SS 10.05

peter_lang_coverAs Brazil enters a new phase of socio-economic and political turmoil, Dr. Michalis Kontopodis, will explore four everyday life scenes from contexts of youngsters involved in a variety of social and political movements in contemporary Brazil in an “innovative” storytelling session at BERA Annual Conference 2016 in Leeds. Playing with the word “movement” Dr. Kontopodis, who has recently been appointed director of the MSc in Psychology and Education at the University of Sheffield, will introduce the term youth in movement to refer to youth as constituted by and constitutive of broader social movements and transformations as well as to the “moving”, i.e. emotionally touching, aspects that their stories entail. At the same time, Dr. Kontopodis will provide broader, relevant information with regards to Brazil’s ongoing urban and rural youth and social movements and their educational dimensions. Michalis Kontopodis is currently launching a whole relevant book series with Peter Lang:  “(Post) Critical Global Studies” – the first volume has just been printed and will be presented at the BERA Conference: Facing Poverty & Marginalization: 50 Years of Critical Research in Brazil (edited in collaboration with M.J. Coracini & C. Magalhaes).

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