New Book on Multimodality, Learning & Communication (Bezemer & Kress)

MultimodalityBook2016Just been reading the new book by Jeff Bezemer & Gunther Kress “Multimodality, Learning And Communication: A Social Semiotic Frame” (Routledge). “Multimodality, Learning and Communication” explores through detailed examples inter-modal and intra-modal changes in learning practices with reference to a wide range of learning environments such as textbooks, poetry albums, blogs, online tutorials, medical students’ education, museum exhibitions etc. Working together over a decade, Bezemer & Kress have managed to create a very accessible, easy to read and navigate through book that introduces beginners to multimodality theory and social semiotics as well as brings together (and forward) the relevant major discussions in the field. By analysing video recordings, photographs, screenshots, and print materials, Jeff Bezemer and Gunther Kress go well beyond the comfortable domains of traditional sites of (social) semiotic and multimodal research. They steer away from spurious invention and naming of ever more newly exciting domains, focusing instead on fundamentals in assembling a set of tools for current tasks: namely describing and analyzing learning and communication in the contemporary world as one integrated field. An especially useful and highly enjoyable book!

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